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Craft Family Crest
Craft Family Crest

This Craft Family Genealogy web site along with the Craft Family history, was put together by the Craft family
and it's members. The Craft family history records can be added to and expanded as the craft family grows.
The Craft family Genealogy is a snap shot of the Craft family history records now in Australia dating back to the 1500'sAD in England.
The study of Genealogy is of great interest to the Craft Family in Australia and in other countries around the world.
If you have any information that is relevant to the Craft Family Genealogy, Craft history or craft family that would be
of interest to be included into this wed site then please contact us via this web site with your details.

It would be wrong if we do not acknowledge with great thanks the following people for
their contribution into this CRAFT FAMILY GENEALOGY web site.
* David Buxton - Northamptom, England U.K. for extensive research in England UK and
finding Craft family links dating back to the 1500's.
* Judy Young - Bathurst, Australia for permission to use her "Craft Story" and many
years of family history research.
* John Craft - Blue Mountains, Australia for providing this web site and family
history research.
* Robert Craft - Sydney, Australia for setting up this web site and providing
many years of Craft family genealogy research.
* Many others from the Craft, Inder and Young family members.

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